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i feel like i write often about how much i love to crochet. i like that you can pick it up or put it down at random, and that it seems to be by nature a very relaxing and homey type of craft... i pretty much always have a little something started that sits in a basket in our living room, even in the summer, patiently waiting until i come back to it. it's a little bit of a guilty pleasure for me, really. i love the way you van start snuggling under an afghan while you're making it before it's even done yet... the way a basket full of different colors of yarn calls to you to come make something, and of course, the great pleasure of a finished project! i love how that first little loop on your hook can become anything from a winter hat to a baby toy, and is so full of opportunity.

my winter 2007 yarn stash restock:
so $28 bucks of brand new yarn later, i have a freshly restocked stash:
cozy, snuggly, and opportunity. sounds good to me. i have some new projects in mind:
it's also great to be coming off a high from some recently-finished crocheting projects as well!

a guest room afghan:
[giant granny square- i use the martha stewart method, which includes turning after every row.]
the reading chair afghan:
[started as a granny square, then i added a random solid bar, then continued the granny square. i started this for-ever ago and finally finished it.]
a table top christmas tree:
and i've got two more afghans [we toss them in a basket by the couch and call them snuggle blankets when watching movies, which is pretty often in our house] in the works, a striped one from this pattern based on a striped "collegiate" look, and a multi-colored one using a really simple, quick pattern with a fat hook and yarn [the fatter, the faster!]. i know that sounds like about a bajillion afghans, but really it's only four. and we use them a lot because we are snuggly people.

and honestly, pictures of yarn just inspire me. i guess it's the saturated color or the oh-so-soft texture. just makes me want to cuddle up in a blanket and make something. i mean, really, crocheting is the ideal craft if only because you can do it while lying down and vegging out. win-win. i looooove these colors:
[via a beautiful mess]
[via the purl bee]
[via maryjanemidgemink]

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