upcycled napkin rings!

it's rare that i ever find an 'upcycled' project made from toilet paper rolls that i actually want to make... there just seems something weird about using toilet paper rolls to make something you'd keep & use in your house.  but when i saw these 2 ideas on pinterest, they were the first i think i've ever seen that i'd consider really making!

toilet paper rolls embellished with raffia & shells/seeds/paper leaves/etc to make napkin holder rings!

i guess i could use paper towel rolls if that made me feel better about it. but how cute would these be for a thanksgiving table? & the best part is they're recycled, nearly free, & you don't have to worry about them lasting forever. [if you do want them to last longer, i'm sure a cute wood or plastic set would work. i just recently saw cute brassy ones at the thrift store too!] but i like the look of the cardboard paper showing through.

what do you think...would you decorate your fall table with toilet paper rolls? hah!


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