making progress!

i feel like i'm finally making some progress in the studio! i've finished several new necklaces, and revamped lots and lots of new earrings that just didn't quite seem done... they needed just a little kick, some oomph, a little spirit and a little more ellebee...


...but now i'm pretty happy with them! i can't wait to get these little guys up and going in the shop. it's going to be wonderful! lots and lots of new loveliness waiting to find a happy home. and oh, the feeling of accomplishement there will be when they are all finished, photographed, described, uploaded, and posted in the shop.

take a peek above, and you may notice i've also celebrated by making these little earring friends into a new blog banner! hurray!

i've had a fire under me to get things accomplished because i've signed up for september's installment of the designer's downtown market, which i'm very excited about. it will also most likely be my last craft show until baby k is born november-ish, except for possibly a fall fair i just heard about in asheboro in october. (which, after a quick google search, i think i may have found!)

august has absolutely flown by, and i'm grasping to get everything done that i wanted to. soon there will be the added pressure of getting things done before the baby arrives and completely upheaves our lives and hearts and schedules! i can't wait! so here's another little sneak preview of what is to come in my fall shop update, which i'm shooting for having done by september first!




happiness is...

happiness is a friend who will paint your toenails for no reason! (other than maybe that you're pregnant and can no longer entirely reach them!)

oh, and a sticker maker refill. that's pretty happy too!



the never-ending battle.

it's been a bit of a rough week here craft wise, trying to get my craft room organized, which always feels like a never-ending battle. i have so many ideas and new things i want to try, and things to get ready for september's downtown market, but i feel like i can't effectively do any of it until everything is organized. so half the time i either can't find something because it's still somewhere in the stacked up piles of not yet unpacked, or i know i've unpacked it but can't find it anywhere!

one of the things i'm most excited about is my 'new' bookshelf (new to me, but re-gifted so to speak from another room in the old house!).
it's obviously still a work in progress, but it is coming together pretty well, and i can picture in my head this vision of organized loveliness, where i can find everything i need right when i need it, and have weeded out all the things that i never use. that's really hard for me, because i seem to be a bit of a hoarder of supplies anyway, and then i've inherited a ton of great stuff from my mom when she passed away in january. in that vein, i've decided to start a secondary etsy shop to help pass on some of the supplies that have piled up that are perfectly great, but that i know i won't use. right now that shop is empty, but i hope to get it going by this fall (hopefully by the end of september).

studio supplies

my (somewhat lofty) goal as of right now, is to have my new fall products (a mini-revamp of the whole shop!) available by september 1st, and then unveil a completely new etsy shop specifically for petite bee (my baby products) and the studio shop both by mid-september.

i'm very excited about the new products i have lined up for ellebee this fall, lots more notecards, a few new petite cahiers, and plenty new jewelry of course! the jewelry is really exciting to me because it's where i've done the most experimentation with new techniques and i'm really proud of how it all turned out! i feel like come september, my shop will be much more cohesive and much more representative of what i really enjoy making! i can't wait for you all to see it!

for now, the entire shop is still completely on summer sale!


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