new items in the shop!

i'm pleased to announce that some new lovelies for fall are finally making their way into the shop! stop by and have a browse if you get the chance...



constant companion.

since i still have about 10 weeks to go before official mommy-hood, it's been a big transition for me from working full time to stay-at-home mom... luckily, i've had my constant little companion to keep me company through the move, the unpacking, the organizing, and the lazing around that simply must happen some days, especially as the belly gets bigger and bigger.

i don't know where we could have found a sweeter, snugglier little
faithful friend than pontouf... definitely my constant companion (and
spoiled puppers, yes, that is my bed she's in!). she seems to have taken a liking to the carefully constructed shroud of pillows i make each night these days. being surrounded by pillows on all sides seems to be the only way to sleep semi-comfortably between a big belly and lots of heartburn!


a little mental break.

it's been a few weeks and i am just now emerging from beneath some really busy times! it started with switching to a new doctor in greensboro, and starting to go every 2 weeks instead of every month now that we're at 29 weeks pregnant with our sweet girl K! It's completely ubelievable and exciting that we only have about 12 weeks to go! (well, 13 technically, but i'm trying to think positive... sleeping at night is becoming an olympic event!).

follow that up with a new nephew last week! he was born september 10th to very happy parents and a very excited 4 year old big sister! of course, matt and i drove into raleigh for the day to be on hand for lots of love, snuggles, and pictures.


this weekend brought matt's ordination as youth pastor at our church, and the happy but big job of hostessing a lunch at our house for lots of extended family! it was great to have about 20 folks from both sides of the family gathered to celebrate matt and his accomplishments!

in the fray of it all, i had given up on trying to make the designer's downtown market happen on saturday as i had planned. i had to forfeit my entry fee, but after all the stressful planning all week and having a cold on top of it, i decided it was better to be able to stay home and get some rest rather than trying to make the second trip to raleigh. it ended up being a good call since we had so much more to do than we thought to get the last minute touches on the house and the food for the lunch party.

even though i felt like this would be the last craft show i could participate in (and definitely would have been at this point) and was very disappointed to miss it, i know that there will be some time in the future once i've adapted a bit to being a momma for more craft shows, and for the creative juices to keep flowing. in the meantime, i did make a sale to a family member for her christmas list... a necklace and a pair of earrings... and she picked out a lovely little pendant for herself as well! (i'm being a bit cryptic here to keep people's christmas surprises a surprise!) here are her selections:




my mission this week is to get all of these lovely items i had stocked up for the show posted in the shop and available for more christmas shopping pleasure! soon the shop will be all-new and i'll get petite bee nice and filled as well!


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