clothing confuses me.

i keep saying how i'd like what i wear to be a little more creative [i've mentioned some of my tricky fashion issues before]. i've lost a little weight now, so i'm awkwardly in-between sizes and despite having just spent a little birthday money on new clothes in november, i've fallen safely [and comfortably, i might add] into the zone where getting dressed in anything besides yoga pants and a tee to leave the house constitutes "dressing up." i even bought a cute sweatshirt/pants with the express purpose of them being cute enough to leave the house in. i think that's a bad sign. i'm in the bad habit of not wanting to buy cute stuff until i can get down to my goal size, in order to keep from buying something i love only to be heartbroken when it doesn't fit anymore [optimistic, right?].

so a few days ago i went into anthropologie. i love it so much that it's a little masochistic of me to even darken the door... it is equally, at once, 100% inspiring and 100% depressing because it's all so expensive. i mean, excessively so. but i had to exchange something for a different color [lovely christmas gift from the husband!], they were having a sale, and i had christmas money. trifecta. so i bought a really cute pair of wide-ish leg sort of nautical jeans, originally $118, for $29.99 thinking i'd pay at least that much for a pair of cute jeans at target, right? and these are not boring. while looking around though, i realized something. anthropologie is basically a thrift store... an excessively expensive thrift store. the things that were full price i would have bought and worn and hoped they looked cute-young-artist and not shopped-in-her-grandma's-closet, although these days, i'm not sure the two aren't interchangable. here's an example:
i love this skirt. i'm crazy about the color, and the crochet/lace stuff reminds me a little of my wedding dress. i would happily wear this skirt and feel fun, unique, and interesting. however, i'd also feel a little bit like i was wearing a skirt that a 60 year old woman in the 1940's would wear. but i'd also feel a little like i was supposed to feel like that. and all this confusion and self-analysis could be mine for a mere $148.

so, my point being, i can't afford anthropologie, but i can thrift shop and get creative. i had a bit of an i could make that moment. and i realized that there are tons of cute tutorials online that are very similar to what is being sold in anthro these days!

here is the expensive anthropologie-inspired inspiration:
and here are the tutorials that are going to help make it happen:
a couple of other cool things i think could be self-embellished are these sweater/slipper boots [you could even make the boots yourself first!]:
a cheap-ish pair of sweater slippers and a crocheted flower tutorial, and you're in business with that one.
and i definitely think this necklace would be just about the easiest thing ever to make thanks to this great tutorial that shows how to make the little fabric poppies. you could also make this beautiful ruffled version!

[all product photos thanks to anthropologie's website!]

while i'm at it, i'll probably have to have some ruffle-y shoes too. you know, just to complete the outfit.

oh, and also probably one of these scarves.

and i must say while we are on the subject of both fashion and ruffles, i want so badly to be the girl that could get away with this:

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