snowy days...

it just seems appropriate that i started making this snow day hat when it looks like this outside:
we've been 'snowed in' for the past 2 days [as happens when 8 inches of snow falls in north carolina] so i'm trying to use the time to my crafty advantage. i love snow, it makes everything look so dreamy! however, i definitely prefer to sit and look at it from inside, sipping my very creamy coffee and stitching under a cozy blanket. preferably while wearing the largest socks i own.

as for the hat, i'm thinking i'll try lining it with a little bit of pink fleece, and it seems that a pom pom maker must soon find its way to my craft stash [how have i lived without one?].
as soon as we can leave the house, that is.

:::edited to add:::
here is an adorable ruffled fleece version if you're in the mood for some simple sewing while the winter weather is here!

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