the valentines that almost were.

i've always liked the idea of valentines... a little mailbox full of pink and white and red sentiments from the heart. if they are handmade, as is true with most handmade things, they become even a bit more sweet and special.

i haven't frequented my little craft blog much since the birth of my baby girl in november. i really would have loved to have taken the time to make some kind of little love-note to send to my closest of nears and dears. instead, i managed between snatches of naps and random moments as a car passenger to make a little love packet for a good friend who came over for dinner with us. she had mentioned a liking for crocheted dishcloths, and that her kitchen usually has a red and white theme once she puts away her winter snowmen, so i made two dishcloths and a set of red and white fabric button magnets for her. i tucked them into a black and white patterned take-out box, and had them waiting on her plate at dinner. of course, knowing me, i had literally just finished the dishcloth that day and the glue was still wet on the magnets as our friend was arriving through the door!


in a perfect world, there would have been lots of lovely handmade valentines, such as some sewn-paper ones or some crocheted or peekaboo fabric hearts. maybe next year! or maybe i will send out random i-love-you-in-march-too hearts.

but not to worry, there was plenty pink and white around my house, and it didn't have to be heart-shaped.

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