the anthropologized star ornament.

some of my on-the-cheap ideas recently have been coming from the gorgeous pages of the anthropologie catalog. back in december i was wandering their website looking for a stocking, and came across this little ornament that i immediately thought would be so easy to make!
i don't remember how much the original price was, but i know for sure i made it cheaper. all it took was two papier mache star ornament blanks, some scraps of felt, and a glue gun!

i almost made it in my favorite green felt, but decided for it to show up against a christmas tree, that green wouldn't be quite the best. so i switched to cream since i had some scraps from another project, and it turned out very warm and wintery and snowball-ish:
i opted not to line each little circle in glitter, but you could do that to make it even more like the original. [martha stewart glass glitter is really lovely!] these are so fun and easy to do! they'd be a great craft with kids. if you could find a really large star, it would make a great tree-topper [especially glittered!]

here's the photo tutorial!
and done! sit back and admire your handiwork!
of course, the christmas tree has long since been packed up and back into the basement, so this little guy is hanging out on the eiffel tower on our mantle for now. i love that it feels so wintery rather than christmas-specific, so it can be kept out a little longer.
if you're high on glue gun fumes now, and feeling the love for little felt circles, you could always make a warm snuggly little winter tree with the same method to go with your star!


  1. Love that first star! Did you use jeans or is that felt? So pretty!
    -Sarah from Create Studio

  2. the first one was the anthropologie original- navy felt with glittered edges!


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