pinteresting: pom poms!

like many of my fellow crafty folk, i've completely fallen for pinterest. i think it's completely genius, and it has become my go-to for all sorts of craft ideas, home decorating, party ideas, and even recipes! i check it more than i do twitter or facebook. love it.

i'm sure you've heard the saying "those who can't do, teach" & if you've seen the movie the wedding planner, "those who can't wed, plan!" well, i think it turns out that a new saying has taken hold in my life:

those who can't craft, pin!

having a second child [and a dog who is so needy she might as well be a third child] has taken even more of a crunch out of my crafting time, and more significantly, energy than i'd even expected! something always has to give. if i get something crafty done, it almost always means the house is a wreck & we had goldfish crackers & fruit snacks for dinner.

after several weeks of super early mornings with my big girl who just moved into her new big girl room & bed, i've decided it's time to invest in light-blocking curtains for her room. seeing as how many of the ones out there are ugly/boring/expensive, & how i have a difficult time choosing/committing to such a large & potentially statement making element to a room- i was having a hard time. then i remembered this image sitting in my 'pretty to make' pinboard:
pom pom trim on curtains! so i've decided to try to find simple white black out curtains, and then add some fun pom pom trim to customize them to the room & make them comparable to this super expensive anthropologie set:
i'm always amazed at how much anthro stuff costs in comparison to how simple they really are! then i started thinking about all the lovely fun things you could do with pom pom trim! pretty much anything with an edge can be made cuter- bath towels, kitchen towels, pillows, tablecloths, blankets & quilts! you can even add it with iron-on tape if you're the no-sew type! these are my favorites that i'll definitely be doing in the near future!
i even found a really fun way to try out making my own little pom poms [that i wish i'd known about back when i made my pom pom wreath]:
i can't wait to get busy pom pom-ifying everything! pinterest is the best! you can find all the original sources for these photos on pinterest.com... many of them include instructions or tutorials to make your own!


new things to come!

i teased you with a little sneak peek several weeks ago of several new things i've been working on... slowly but surely i am trying to get a leaf & letter etsy shop up and running, and trying to be super pre-prepared for my favorite craft show coming up in november. here is another peek into a few things that are almost finished!
crafty time is few & far between these days, but when i do have time to work on things, it is so fun! i got several of these fun wrapped bangles almost done last night after the babies were in bed. i'm excited and can't wait to get all this good stuff finished & into a shop!


latest custom bib!

at the end of june we were invited to a first birthday party for our sweet friend baby stella. her mommy mentioned that she was into "anything hawaiian" after their recent trip to visit family, so i thought a hawaiian-inspired lei flower bib would be just the thing!
all the teeny stems were a little difficult to stitch [and didn't show up super well] but the bright pink couldn't be more perfect for a sweet & fun little big girl like baby stella. we didn't get a picture of her wearing the bib, but here she is enjoying our little back porch pool with my crew:
yay for birthday bibs!


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