framed verse!

i'm sure lots of people have seen this image on pinterest of a standard thermostat box surrounded by a pretty white frame. since we rearranged our semi-playroom furniture, our thermostat has kind of been unintentionally emphasized, & i thought it would be really fun to do something similar.

i had already printed out a fun bible verse printable with it in mind for a playroom, & was just trying to settle on a fun place to hang it. i painted an very cheap, very old frame bright yellow & added a little ribbon & got this:
[grr. clearly some tiny fingers have gotten a hold of my camera lens.]

i love it! since we are renters right now, it's a fun way to hang more art & color without yet another hole in the wall & the whole thing is easy-peasy to switch out or take down if we tire of it later. for now, i'm loving the extra playful kiddo colors & having a little more of God's word permeating our home!
framed anything fun recently?


january crafts.

if you're like me, all you can think about when it comes to january/winter/post-christmas crafting is snowflakes. blue snowflakes, to be exact! & maybe some snowmen for good measure. when my good friend ebeth asked me to make some hairbows for her girls, i of course suggested snowflakes & snowmen. they were super easy & turned out adorable!

first, gather some supplies. polka dot ribbon, white buttons in 2 sizes, & some clearance mini ornament glitter snowflakes, all easy found at the local walmart. [& the mini ornaments were 50% off after christmas! yay!]
i made the bow using this tutorial with about a yard of ribbon per bow. it's real easy, but i find that each bow turns out just a little different each time.
assemble your button snowman. i used half of a mini craft stick [popsicle stick] as a base & then covered it in back with a little scrap of the ribbon:
& cut a little strip of felt for his scarf. cut a tiny fringe on each end to make it more scarf-y & secure with hot glue.
eee! so cute!

attach the assembled snowman to the front with hot glue & a bow clippie [also from walmart] to the back.
the snowflake is even easier... make bow. glue snowflake to front. glue clippie to back. presto.
these turned out so cute i think my big K needs some for her bow arsenal!

sidenote: i may or may not also be inadvertently be dressing my children like fluffy little blue & white snowbanks. i just can't help it.


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