...a new one just begun!

there's something so deliciously fresh about a new year, isn't there? even just the date, january first- makes me think of when you open a new jar of peanut butter & the top is so perfectly smooth and you get to be the first to gently put a knife or spoon in there and mess it up! this past year [link] has held a lot in my little crafty world, and i'm sure this next year will hold a lot of new as well, including a potentially huge move! [more on that soon]

it seems that my two die hard ambitions each year are generally the same: lose weight and get organized! well, i'm 30 pounds into the weight loss and working hard to keep it going. as for organization, i seem to get a little better each year, but in the next few months, some serious work will need to be done in my craft room. here is the image that sums it up for me for this new year:
[photo via design*sponge]

another main goal that has gone unspoken in the past is to continue to grow in my faith in and love for jesus. he is my reason for living and the lifeline behind all that i do, and i want this little blog and everything i make to be an expression of worship and glory to him!

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