a little about me.

hmmn... about me.
my name is lindsey, and i can't remember a time in my life when i didn't love to make things. the materials may have changed, and the methods may have gotten a little more sophisticated [maybe!] but the love to create has always been there.

firstly, i am a child of God. i believe in Jesus Christ, and anything good that i am or that i do or that i have is because of him! we are all sinners in need of a savior, and in giving him the reigns over my life, i have salvation and a way to be connected once again to the perfect, holy, and merciful God that my sin once separated me from.

as for the little details, here is the short version:

i think it all started when my great-grandmother taught me to crochet at around age nine. from there i've delved into decoupage, sewing, scrapbooking, jewelry design and construction, stamping, photography, felting, book altering, and soldering. the prospect of a new project gives me chills and i don't think there's a craft genre i'm not willing to try. when i originally started this blog in january of 2007, it was called ellebee studio, thus the difference in my etsy shop name. long story short, i started fresh in the summer of 2009, and will be launching an all-new shop under the name leaf&letter sometime in the future!

i live in this handmade life where i am also a wife to a lovely and wonderful husband of almost five years (who never complains when i "need" more craft supplies), and have a sweet little pup that curls up on my feet. i've left full-time employment in big-box retail to be a full-time mommy to my sweet baby girl (who doesn't listen when i tell her to quit growing up so fast). most of all, God has blessed me with his love and mercy and given me new life in him! he is the original and ultimate maker. what more could a girl need?

me & hubby M
me & M's mini-me, aka our daughter K
& K's favorite playmate, little pup pontouf.
don't be shy... leave a comment or drop me a little hello if you wish at leafandletter[at]gmail[dot]com. i try to respond to each comment whenever i can, especially if you have a question.

thanks so much for joining me here, i am always happy to hear from you!


  1. Lindsey, your bio was wonderful! I think we could be good "real life" friends!
    -Sarah from Create Studio

  2. Hi Lindsey,
    We were at the craft fair today and met so many crafty people. My wife is having you or another girl make a lamp. Are you the young lady that is making the lamp or have we confused you with another girl? Can you get back to us?

    Pastor Gordon and Beth-Eden Loop


i love to hear your comments or questions! i'll try to respond as quickly as possible, or you can email me at leafandletter[at]gmail.com :)



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