spring mantle inspiration!

i saw this photo on a really great blog [really great because j.j. is not only a fun crafter with cute style, but an amazing singer/songwriter]:
firstly, let me say i can hardly get over this mantle itself... the stone fireplace? the adorable painting? the chunky ledge & oh gracious those huge corbels. LOVE.

not surprisingly, it's pretty similar to another inspiring mantle from the lettered cottage i wrote about awhile back:
note to self: i still really want to make a ginormous chalkboard. & a numbered plate.

so once i regained consciousness from my corbel envy, i got to work on my mantel, using what i had on hand... starting with several thrifted freebies from not too long ago- a broken up old window frame, and a mini chalkboard & wooden letter. well, truly starting with one very stark white empty mantel:

the reverse side of the window frame had some lovely old chippy, very pale blue paint on it, so i layered it right on top of my mirror. then i made the letter into a mossy monogram with the help of a little dollar store faux moss leftover from christmas:
these mossy letters are a pottery barn knock off that have been showing up everywhere because they're so cheap & easy to make! all i did was cover the letter with my 'squiggle & squish' method- one nice big squiggle of hot glue & then squish the moss into it. repeat section by section until it's covered! i added a length of pretty jute ribbon the the back & loosely knotted it for hanging:
[next time i would paint the whole thing green first so that the letter doesn't show through & the back isn't so ugly! i didn't even think about it until i hung it up & you could see the back in the mirror.]

see what i mean? whoops.
but it's so pretty when it's done! i glued a little moss along the edges to, to make it a little fuller & to be sure the edges were covered.
then i wrote a little spring message on the chalkboard & tucked it off to the side. [& you can see the perfectly chippy blue paint!]
nothing fancy, but better than nothing to fill up all that white mantel space! it's a little pastel-y for my liking & could use some big hurricane vases or urns or something on either end, but it'll do for now. especially knowing that summer is just around the corner & i'll want to start all over!


easter basket love!

easter is rapidly approaching & it's one of my favorite holidays. maybe even more so than christmas when it comes to celebrating the life of my savior... if you think about it, it's pretty amazing to celebrate his birth [christmas], but how much more so to celebrate the fact that he would sacrifice his own life on the cross to save mine? [easter]

i have to admit, i think easter baskets are a fun tradition for the littles, since death & resurrection are kind of deep topics for them at a young age. not that you can't start teaching them early, but i think it's cool to focus on the new birth & life we have through salvation in Christ- a major gift he's given believers that we celebrate on easter.

so, if easter weren't like, you know, this weekend i'd be using this tutorial for a wrapped piping basket by v & co. to make coordinating baskets for the kids. however, the only way i see 2 easter baskets getting made is in the dead of night between a.m. feedings.

in other words, not likely.

but look how cute.
and look how easy! although i do find v & co. in particular great for making not-so-simple stuff look as though it is really easy & no big deal- she's just talented that way. hers look uniquely homemade but not cheapo crafty & sit so sweetly and well-constructed on the table holding eggs. i'm a little concerned that mine would look wrinkly & slouchy & would be sure to be covered in melted chocolate & jelly bean slime before i could even get a picture for the blog.

[please tell me someone else has that problem too?]

but yes. definitely on the "one day" list.


dear blog...

dear sweet crafty blog that i would love to have more time & crafty energy for, to write thoughtful posts in with new projects & beautiful photos...

i haven't forgotten about you.
i'm just too busy with the toes right now.
& the sweet head smell.

& the little gurgles & the nursing 12 hours a day/night & the wild & crazy 2 year old big sister.

but i'll be back.


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