inspiration: quiet books.

now that i have my own wee little, i am completely taken with the idea of making a soft/quiet book for her. there are so many amazing ones being made out there in crafty blogland! my little girl is at an age where she loves to flip through the pages of books herself [but can be a tad destructive to paper ones] so i'm thinking a simple colors book and a simple counting book all in felt and soft cottons.

here is a little visual inspiration to have on hand for when i make mine... [eeee i get excited just thinking about starting this project!]

soulemama's birthday book made for sister by two brothers! the full explanation is just so sweet. this would be awesome as a book to record all the little firsts in a baby's first year. i like the trim and decorative stitching around the edges, and she even made some of the pages out of her little girl's baby clothes!
homemade by jill made one for a friend that was modeled after one she made for her son- i really like the interactive/removable parts and pieces! and because she is awesome, she also included the templates on her blog [and don't even get me started on the pure incredibleness of her felt playhouse!]
shelley wallace's etsy shop is a treasure trove of adorable patterns... the first one i saw was this colors book that i'm completely in love with. the little rainbow of stripes on the front, and the little simple page elements are so great! what a fun, tactile way to learn colors!
then i saw that she had made a new 'winter wonderland' version... a felt mug of hot coco with pom pom marshmallows? completely love it. be sure to check out her shop, she also has a completely adorable nativity book pattern and 'forest friends' pattern!
and there is, of course, a martha version, with parts and pieces that button on and off and are stored in a pocket in the back of the book.

i'm pretty sure i'm going to be heading out soon for some eco-felt and stitch one up!


  1. Thanks for linking to me! Good luck with your book. :)

  2. thanks for the inspiration jill! your work is great :)


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