the great cold of '07.

no... not a blizzard... a literal cold. i can't believe that 11 days after first writing about being sick i still sound nasally, have the distinct need to blow my nose every 10 minutes, and a cough that makes the people at the next table go ulgh, don't infect me with that. i'll spare you the rest of the details, but i never get sick like this.

there's definitely something going around that's getting everybody sick, but i think the (crazy bipolar) um, i mean, changing nc weather could have something to do with it. last week we had highs in the upper 60's and today we're back to highs around 45 degrees... much more february-like. of course, i'm probably the only person in the world who got in the mood to crochet wool scarves in the one week of 60 degree weather in february. i made one or two out of some scraps that i wanted to use up, and then decided it was high time to start building up a bit of a pretty stash that i'll actually be excited to use:

i ended up with whole batch of colors that feel warm, snuggly, calm and wooly, just as a good scarf should! let me tell you though, i did feel like a moron photograping my new wool scarf yarn in my backyard, on the picnic table, in flip flops.

i've been doing a little reorganizing to le petit shop and am still making plans (and completing projects) to launch my line of things for baby, which i am shooting to have ready in march. march/springtime just seems right for new things to come to be. hopefully i'll get it all done and posted to the shop soon!

did i mention there's free goodies to be had just by saying hello? there's still time... it's the perfect chance to come out of hiding!

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