earlier in the summer i had a heart-to-heart with my yarn stash. having become a massive, disorganized mess of unwound and rewound skeins, i had to explain to some of them that they were purchased for projects that were never made... to some that their projects were started but that i didn't think i would ever be motivated to finish them... and to some, that i was happy they could be returned to the store to get my money back. to some of them i had to say i just don't love you anymore.

it was a sad day for yarn.

but it got better when, as i stared at my slightly-smaller-but-newly revived little stash, i realized that i have several projects i do want to finish! and now i can buy yarn in a project-specific way, which will hopefully encourage me to finish what i start (which i admittedly tend to be really bad at). i have started crocheting again, especially in the evenings when the baby is in bed and we are relaxing with a little netflix action. there just seems to be something that helps you unwind on the inside as you watch the big skein of yarn unwind into just a few little loops as the thing you're making appears under your hook before you even know it.
so i'm working on a couple of afghans for our living room, which at this moment is a sad, plain, neutral square, in dire need of color and pattern. when i decided on orange for the living room, and saw this pattern for a great (and super easy) throw blanket in crochet today, i pretty much immediately went out and picked out orange and cream yarn to make it! the other two are simple big granny squares, one in lots of neutrals and a little chocolate brown and the other in a really pretty blue and green variegated yarn that is so soft. i started that one when i was still pregnant and absolutely itching to create something for the babe, but didn't know if she was a boy or girl yet.

in short, it's so nice to have a project basket full of projects i can't wait to finish!

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