the most wonderful time of the year!

every year as fall blooms... the colors, the freshness, that crisp feeling in the air, and all the crafty inspiration that seems to fall as freely as the leaves... and of course, my love of pumpkins. i'm more and more convinced that fall is my absolute favorite time of year! it is most definitely my favorite time of year to decorate, and this year is no exception! my fall mantle and fall porch are under construction, soon to be ready to enjoy until december 1st rolls around.

here are some tutorials of the lovely fall things out in blogland that i can't stop thinking about this season:
  • 'stained glass' leaves [wax paper & crayons- genius!] by v&co.
i can't wait to get to work on some of these little numbers! i also think the burlap backed frames could work with several season ideas... with a shell glued on for summer, or some kind of little rick rack christmas tree maybe?

i'm not sure where this photo came from [if it's yours, please let me know so i can link to you!] but i think this is pretty much the cutest idea ever for a little pumpkin party favor... i have a good friend whose little boy is turning one next week and the theme for his party is octoberfest- how perfect [and simple!] would these be? some little orange circles of tulle, little handfuls of candy corn, and a green pipe cleaner stem. perfect.
happy fall!

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