on the cheap: fabric bangles.

i got this cheap plastic bangle bracelet at walmart on a whim a couple of weeks ago, thinking i would wrap it in jute or twine maybe with a big burlap flower or something... it was only $2 bucks so i had to have it to experiment with. so experiment i did!
i saw some beautiful inspirational fabric bangles on etsy, and thought i'd try one out with my little plastic number. then my 2 year old was walking around with a roll of almost-gone packing tape on her arm, and i thought why not make two? a little trash to treasure, if you will [please excuse my late-night-crafting no-sunshine photos!]

just some strips of fabric and a little glue:
wrapping, wrapping, wrapping, and gluing:
and a little ribbon lining inside and a little of my favorite jute trim for the outside of the bigger one!
i want to make a big stack of these for my most favoritest craft show ever, southeastern's craft & bake sale, which is coming up in november. i'm so excited about it, i will have bibs galore and a couple of fun things for mommas. i think for the next batch though (aka the selling batch!) i'll swipe the bracelets first with just a bit of gesso to prevent the ugly neon plastic from showing through the fabric- and oh such lovely fabric i have in mind! what a fun way to use strips and strips of it! and now i'm wondering if they need a little fabric rosette on top...
by the way, i think the combination of craft and bake sales are the best idea ever. what could be better than doing a craft show where you can eat a fresh baked cupcake while selling your lovely handmade things? and who doesn't love to snack while shopping? genius, i say.

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