falling for fall.

i have a serious thing for fall leaves. well, for fall period really. there's just something about how the air becomes crisper, the colors richer, the apples crunchier, and the leaves just seem to burst into flame with color. i love it!

so, last night we're at the mall and i make the grave mistake of walking into pottery barn kids. i pretty much always know i will fall madly in love with something in pbk, no matter what i do. and yet i still enter at my own risk anytime i get the chance! last night, it was the thanksgiving table that caught me, all set with fall deliciousness and sweet-kiddo-cuteness. stuffed turkeys? cute. green gingham lined table runner? cuuuuuuute. garland of giant stitched felt leaves?

to die for. must have.

please tell me if this isn't one of the greatest things you've seen in a long long time:
unfortunately, the $59 price tag was not so much to die for. well, unless you mean in the sense of paying 60 bucks for something i can make a similar version of myself. i never can seem to give myself permission to buy things i think i could [try to] make, even if in the end it would probably have been cheaper and much less stress/frustration/wasted glue to just buy it to begin with.

i came straight home and started googling. gorgeous wool felt in autumn colors? check. [scroll down until you see the 'autumn leaves' bundle]. great leaf templates to enlarge from the computer? check. green dotted ribbon already in my craft room ready to go for stringing? check.

now that my last craft show of the year is done, let the personal crafting begin. this garland will definitely be on the list.

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