boy on board!

we found out yesterday that our baby on board is a boy! given that i've got a list of girlie crafts a mile long for k, you think it would be a little harder to find cute stuff to make for boys... not the case! of course i'm going to start with my little man having his very own whale and sailboat bibs hot off the petite bee presses [i see lots of whales and sailboats in his future!] and then i'll get started on these:

little travel car cozy by homemade by jill

a necktie onesie by crap i've made

polka dot crib mobile by sew she sews
[i actually have something very similar to this already started!]

molded racecar crayons also by homemade by jill

a little bear crocheted hat by yarn chick

and of course, big sister just may need these adorable counting and colors books by lu bird baby for use during our "special quiet time" aka when momma is nursing 22 and a half hours a day. and here is the sneak peek we got of our little man:

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