and it actually zips!

this is a momentous moment.


i sewed something with a zipper that actually zips and i didn't break anything or sew through anything that wasn't supposed to be sewed through [like my finger].

my mom has been making these for years, and they are amazing, and she made it look so easy. i never got her to show me how, and never could find a pattern or anything for them after she went home to heaven [though, knowing her, she probably didn't even use a pattern.] i , like many other amateur sewers out there, admit that i am very scared of a zipper foot. as in, terrified. but last night i decided i was going to go for it. bite the bullet. sit bravely in front of my sewing machine with my tutorial next to me and strike out into the unknown. i've been planning a new product line for leaf&letter, and getting some ideas together for an upcoming craft show, and this zipper foot was the only thing standing in my way.

and here is my beautiful little fully functional zippering pouch in all its glory:
i'm so proud.
it helps that i used twelve22's zippered pouch tutorial, because it is pretty much the best, most well-written, and easy to follow tutorial ever. and that is what i needed when it came to zipper foots. and i only had to google "zipper foot" once to make sure i was using the right one [i was], and i only had to rip out one seam with a seam ripper before proceeding [the very first seam that was too far away from the zipper].

i feel as though i have conquered.
if i get really brave, i'm thinking of trying this tutorial for a pouch with an off-center zipper, and if i get really really brave, maybe even this one for a boxy case zipper pouch! oooh or a zippered pillowcase with piping! hurray!

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