fall has fell.

(as my mom used to say).

i think more resolutions for a new year hit me around october than january, because i love the season so much. when the grass gets that little chill and the apples are crisp on the trees, everything just feels so fresh and new.

i'm also fairly convinced that this blog will be the end of me... this momma of three (with one more on the way about the same time as us) seems to be able to accomplish more making in one afternoon than i probably have listed on my 'long term crafting goals' list, buried somewhere underneath the boxes of craft things i still need to get put away from the move (mainly fabric). she simultaneously appeals to my perfectionist side by inspiring me to a new level of not only getting things done, but doing them well and so as to surround your family with handmade loveliness (everything from bathmats to handknit baby blankets)... but also makes me feel like these things can get done with out the must-get-it-done-now frenzy of a to-do list, and can calmly make my house more of a home full of cozy handmade memories.

i envision a house full of little ones making their own button and string projects while i make them each baby blankets and birthday crowns and bookbags... yet i can't even seem to use these numbered days of first baby on the way/no kids/no job to get something productive done.

so what do i do? i make a list!

things i plan to accomplish in my last 8 weeks of pre-child life:

  1. make baby K's quilt of wishes from her baby shower. i have a heartbreaking stack of quilts my mom started that i don't know how to finish without potentially ruining, and i don't want to pass that on to K. i had everyone at her shower write one wish or blessing on a square of fabric, and i plan to embroider them and then quilt the squares into a crib quilt.Fabricsquares

  2. make the squares i have that were pre-cut by my mom into a couch snuggly blanket. this will be accomplished in the most easy fashion i can think of, and finished quickly so as to be enjoyed! (which may mean that i quilt it over an old store-bought blanket we already have. so be it).

  3. the last two huge rubbermaid totes of fabric inherited from my mom will be emptied and organized onto my shelves so that when i go to make a project, i can simply stand in front of a shelf-full of fabric, make my choices, and go sew!

  4. finish listing everything i currently have made into my ellebee studio etsy shop and keep things organized so that they can be sent out quickly and efficiently! i have so many lovely things that i'm excited about sharing, and i know at least a small time of some sort of maternity leave is inevitable coming... must be prepared!

  5. last but not least, i'd like to finish geting things together to realize my other two shops-in-the-works studio supplies and petite bee (both coming soon!), stocked up and ready to go! this will require getting several baby projects finished for petite bee as well, so hopefully i can use some of this baby fever productively!IMG_1072

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