mountain cowl.

this past weekend when M and i headed to the mountains again for the weekend, i took a little project along with... to me, the "road" part of road trip simply means [mostly] uninterrupted crafting time! yay! and plus, crafting on the road to the mountains is a bit of a tradition now thanks to our trip to the same town two years ago when i made matching hats for all three of us.
as you can see from the giant bump in the photo, baby came along for the trip! guess i'll need to be making a fourth matching hat now!

it started when i saw this beautiful photo of a mustard yellow cowl scarf on a friend's photography site [ironically enough, also on a pregnant lady]:
and i admit, i got a bit obsessed. how perfect is that yellow against that chambray shirt and navy cardigan? i had two perfect skeins of yellow yarn in my stash [originally intended for part of an afghan] just waiting in the wings! perfect for this project. i used this free online pattern and adjusted the amount of stitches [i did 80] so it would be nice and slouchy, just like i wanted. of course, i didn't get it all finished before we got back from our trip [a very, very busy and fun wedding weekend!] but it was ok since we came home to weather about 10 degrees hotter than the beautiful breezes of the mountains.
surely my new cowl will come in handy once the weather finally turns! i'm still figuring out how to wear it- it can be puffed up some like this, or pulled straight down in front which makes it look just like the inspiration picture. yay!
[ps. please excuse the no-makeup-running-errands look!]

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