a fair fall.

so things are pretty much back to what we call normal around here... which means of course, that this week has totally run away with me. (or without me?) but the weather has been fantastic, and i'm feeling that fresh feeling of fall, where you want to go buy pumpkins and brand new unsharpened pencils and elmer's glue like that scene in you've got mail when meg ryan is talking about how much she loves fall in new york. fall is one of the seasons that north carolina actually does well, and it's really my favorite time of year. between the 90s of summer and the low 40s of "winter," i really love that jeans and tshirt and flip flops stage. here are my favorite things about fall right now:

it must be that back-to-school feeling again, but something about fall makes me want to throw away everything in my closet and start completely over with all the cute stuff that's out there right now. maybe it's all the rich colors and the fact that you can finally wear sleeves again... or maybe it's the bevvy of cute flats! what are you loving about fall? here's an official invitation to all of you who may be lurking out there... de-lurk and leave me a little hello!

i think there are others who are feeling fall as well... and if you make the mistake of going into williams sonoma like i did, be forewarned that they will try to tempt you with pumpkin waffles with pumpkin whip cream! i'm headed out this afternoon to the nc state fair which is definitely one of my all-time favorite things about fall, again, mostly for the food! fresh apple cider, dill pickles, maple cotton candy, and of course, the typical "fair food" like caramel apples and funnel cake... mmmm. hopefully we won't almost throw up on the way home again this year. there is something both wonderful and at the same time sad in realizing that you may be past the age where you can eat all of the above-mentioned and go upside down on a crazy fair ride and not suffer the ill-effects!

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