mustard. not just a condiment.

starting with my new cowl i just finished, i've become a bit obsessed with mustard yellow accessories... which is good because i've been seeing them everywhere!

at the end of the summer, i got these little sandals at target:
and now that the weather finally chilled out i'm looking at these very longingly:
and then ended up making ribbon-wrapped bangles in a mustard-y color:
i'm totally in love with all the rosette headbands i've seen all around... i've thought about trying to make one, but i'm awfully tempted to just buy this amazingly pretty one by the mustard seed co:
when i was in the mountains a few weekends ago, i saw this cute mountain chick in a coffee shop, and while i didn't quite have the bravery to take a picture of her on the sly, she was wearing a really cute multi-strand stone necklace [with a long gray cardigan and a really awesome ear warmer] similar to this one by dana leblanc designs:
yep. gonna have to make something like that one too.

my clothing tends to be way too on the neutral side, so a bit of color here and there has been really fun and a great transition to fall! there are some lovely grays and purples and browns out in stores that would look beautiful with mustard accessories if i could just work up the nerve [and a little cash] to branch out of my same-old-same-old. now if i can just resist the urge to wear everything yellow all at the same time...

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