inspiration: doilies

i've never thought of myself of much of a 'grannie chic' type- i like slightly more mod things like big polka dots and neutrals. so i'm not quite sure how to explain to myself why my inspiration folder is full of doilies.
skirt by dottie angel.
pillow by coastline
and soulemama
and smile and wave [sort-of a doily collage, if you will.]
hoodie by art in the age
and beautiful gift wrap by posie gets cozy and color me pretty-that red would be perfect for a valentine's gift! you could also use one to line the plate of your love brownies! [of course, these doilies are paper.]

oh, and a doily table runner. also, doily-print projects seem like they could be pretty fun, such as:

a lampshade

a canvas bag

a frosted glass table [love!]

i have a beautiful square doily and a super intricate flower doily my mom made that i have been thinking about framing, but i love these ideas so much i think i'll have to use it for one of them... i just have to commit to one! i think some type of pillow will win out. [these aren't actually sewn down, just sitting pretty for a picture!]
[i didn't realize it until i took the picture, but above the doiles is a quilt my mom made, and below is an afghan i crocheted! i love knowing that guests who sleep in this bed will be wrapped in things made with love! just how mom and i both would want it.]
i forgot how detailed they are- i remember seeing her do that teeny, tiny little crocheting one time [technically called filet crochet, which in french actually just means 'net' and 'hook.' isn't that funny?] and thinking what amazing patience it must take. i think making it into something that i'll use and see everyday (like a guest room pillow) will be much better than it sitting in a box full of memories somewhere, tucked out of sight.

who would have thought that something i considered kinda old and outdated could be so inspiring?


  1. I think Dottie Angel tends to be on the granny chic side most of the time and not quite my taste, but I LOVE that skirt!

    I think I like doilies for their intricate details, but I prefer them alone or in small sets to showcase their specialness vs. a conglomeration of afghan doiles.

  2. isn't the skirt fun? i like them in small doses- they're one of those things that you have to really modernize to keep from getting an old lady feel :)

  3. Lindsey this post couldn't have come at a better time. I think we were cut from the same mold! I have been throwing around doily ideas in my head a bunch lately. I LOVE the links you chose! Thanks for the inspiration
    -Sarah from Create Studio

  4. thanks sarah! can't wait to see what you come up with.


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