the one where she made another hat.

i was so determined to use all these snow days for good and not evil and finish a project or two. when i saw this little mini tutorial for an appropriately titled snow day hat, i knew i wanted to make one for kenna. it was very basic in concept, and wide open for interpretation which was exciting, and i think it turned out adorable!
[i think it still needs a pom pom though. i might just go ahead and attempt one without a pom pom maker.]
since she out grew her little flower hat in about a day last year [so quickly that i'm not sure i even got a picture of her wearing it], i purposefully made this one a little big, hoping to get 2 seasons out of it. as long as you tie the ties securely, it works out! it took almost a whole ball of grey yarn, and i lined it with a bit soft pink fleece from a blanket machine-stitched right onto the crocheted block.
the back is just blanket stitched up to the pixie point with a bit of my favorite light brown yarn, which sadly, i think they have discontinued the color!
i so much love these sweet little cheeks and those sweet little fat rolls beneath the little pink ties.

i also took a bit of time to do a tiny bit of spring cleaning around the blog as well... when i found myself scrolling through my older posts for the bajillionth time looking, looking, looking, where was it that i wrote about that? where was that picture? i finally added a google search bar. it's right up there to the right, and makes life so much easier if you're looking for something specific! don't know why i didn't add that a long time ago.

i also put a bunch of tutorials [mine and others that i love] and some basic sewing how-tos, etc. all in the same place. you can click the picture of the little stampers there on the right, or you can go to this link right here. it was so fun to pull up pictures of bunches of older projects! i'll be adding more each time i write about one so they're always right there, easy to find, because if you're like me, the 'prep time' is what takes the longest about making something... gathering your supplies, finding that pattern online, check your email once more, and suddenly the baby is up from her nap and you didn't make anything! i love it when things are front & center, organized, and easy to find.

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