a little design work.

if you're wondering why the headings around here change so often, i will admit... i have discovered picnik and i have become obsessed with making blog headers. it is so fun. i wanted to share some of my favorites that i have done for leaf and letter, our family blog, and other blogs in the past few months. i am really addicted!
and even though i would size it a little differently now, this is still my absolute favorite one from our family blog, one of the first ones i made quite awhile ago!
[OH how i miss those tiny toes!]

i've also had a blast making the little 'linkies' [i'm sure that is the totally technical web design computer programmer term for them] that take you to my shop/photos/twitter, etc. and i've also used picnik to make christmas cards, birthday invites, or any type of photo card... you just edit the photo and then you can print them out at walgreens [love their quality] or wherever you like rather than ordering expensive custom ones!

in fact, let me know if you have a personal or business blog that you are interested in a custom header for. i am completely self-taught so i'm offering them at an introductory price of $10 by paypal or i will set up a custom etsy listing for you if you prefer- i would love to make you one! if you're interested in linkies and the whole shebang, let me know and we can work that out too.

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