sick days.

i rarely get really sick, but yesterday and today have been a big mess of sleeping more than should be humanly possible, crackers and juice, and taking a shower just to put my jammies back on and go back to bed. i have limited amounts of time that my dizzy head and aching body will let me stay vertical, so i'm using my computer time quickly while i wait for my wonderful husband to bring more dayquil!

i've written about my mom's beautiful quilting a little bit before, but i wanted to share some pictures of the first lovely and treasured thing i've inherited from her. i think this may be one of the first, if not the first, quilt she ever made. i remember it always being around the house since my childhood in the early 80's, along with a big latch hook rug pillow that we used to snuggle on with the dog. it doesn't surprise me that something my mom picked out seems to have melted right into our decor perfectly.

pontouf doesn't seem to understand yet that she will not be allowed on this quilt.

matt just walked through the door with soup and more drugs, so i am off to the couch to watch my favorite go-to sick day movie and spend some quality time with my couch.

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