hearts on a string.

i figured i'd better go ahead and write about my little heart garland before it's not even february anymore! it started with a tiny red heart that i made as a tester for my first attempt at felting. i used this mini heart pattern from crochet today and felted it with the little baggie method. i definitely knew i wanted to make them into a garland!
in my search for garland inspiration, i came across this lovely heart garland complete with heart pattern which made a slightly larger heart! so i started making the bigger hearts in two shades of pink, some solid and some lined with a darker pink or red.
so when i had all my bigger hearts done, i knew i'd need lots more of those little hearts to go between each one! so i got to work making a little army of them.
i lay them all out in a nice pattern strung [stringed? i don't know] them all together with a simple chain stitch- it took a little finagling to connect them in a way that they would lie flat. the mini ones still like to turn a little, but i think it's kinda cute.
i got the finished garland hung just in time for our romantic home-cooked valentine's dinner together- i just looped the ends over the top bar of our window blinds!
i put up the little flag pennants from k's birthday party, and i thought they looked pretty cute together. if you can't take valentine's day as a chance to put a bunch of pink things around, when can you? i have a tutorial coming soon if you want to see how to make the pennant, they are fun and so easy, and festive!

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