sweet valentine in pink pictures.

this year we discovered pink heart-shaped, strawberry-flavored marshmallows, and they are so good... dear Lord, please don't let these be seasonal.
morning coffee from one of my favorite mugs, pink with brown hearts.
making a heart bib, reminding me that she's getting too old for the decorative ones now since the food goes everywhere. [the onesie she wore underneath it says 'hug me' and reminds me of a conversation heart!]
a sweet little crocheted garland, made from this mini heart pattern [and an experiment in felting] and this heart pattern. so sweet just hangin' out on our mantel mirror, and probably destined for movement to the nursery when valentine's is over.
and chocolate valentine cupcakes made by a fabulous mom in my sunday school group... with the perfect shade of pink frosting. they were so delicious.
and of course, a diet coke to wash it down with [funny how all these good things are food related!]. technically, the heart is for women's heart health, but it's been extra festive for february.

happy valentine's day!

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