inspiration: handmade furniture and doors.

someday, in some house we live in somewhere, i think it would be awesome to build some of our own furniture. i've always thought a big old farmhouse dining room table would be a cool way to start, but nothing prepared me for the awesomeness that was this tutorial for a huge table modeled after one at restoration hardware that cost $2750. this table is handmade, cooler looking than the original, and get this... only cost $10 to make. i'm seriously impressed, and seriously confident that my [amazing] hubs and i could totally pull of making one of our own!
in my imagination, i have an ikea expedit to hold all of our books, movies, cds, [and maybe our tv somehow?] etc nice and organized... but how much cooler would it be to build a ginormous shelf out of old crates to fill the whole wall?
the fun thing about making your own side tables is that you can make them out of pretty much anything, as seen at flea market trixie where she made a very cute little table out of a plant stand, a round top, and some random piece of galvanized metal junk! [i have an upcoming project similar to this one! side table on the cheap].
oh, and i still want to make this stair spindle lamp really badly! amazing what you can make out of cast off old junk!
a newer blog i've been reading has been doing a feature on making your own pottery barn inspired furniture... looks like a lot of work, but the results are stunning!

and by far, my favorite make-your-own furniture element is the humble shipping pallet. you know those wooden platform-y things that you can probably get for free at your local home depot? look what amazing things people are doing with them:

a wall-hanging plate rack as featured on apartment therapy re-nest:

and my absolute favorite, a toddler-sized day bed [loooove that big pouf of paper lanterns hanging above it!] incredible that that beautifully styled bed was made basically of a piece of scrap wood!

and yes, that is a door hung right behind it- which brings me to my next point...

i want to hang doors all over my house. in all the places you wouldn't expect to find doors.

there, i said it. go ahead and call me strange. but, look at all this beautiful justification for such a weird decorating move!

above the couch:

as a kitchen under-island kick protector thingy:

or as a headboard [gorgeous shade of green!]:
and my favorite, a screen door frame framing your picture frames [i'm wanting to do this over our couch so bad. i'm keeping an eye out for a free screen door on the side of the road somewhere!]:

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