craft & bake preview!

for the first time ever, i'm offering a preview of what i'll have available for sale at the southeastern craft & bake sale this coming weekend! i'm SO excited about it. i had an amazing time last year, and have been looking forward to it since then! i feel more prepared in advance than i ever have for any show i've ever done, and i think that is adding to a lot of the excitement. add that to having made lots of new stuff and weeded out some of the old stuff that felt, well, tired and old.

the newcomers:

lots & lots & lots of bibs! [see the individual designs here]
little reusable cuffs to cozy your coffee... not sure what to call them yet. coffee cozies? coffee cuffs? [meant for paper coffee cups, not glass, instead of the disposable cardboard ones!]
chapstick cozies on a keyring. i pretty much love having all my essentials in one place so that i can, every once in awhile, ditch the diaper bag and just take the keys & phone.
and the ribbon bangles i hinted about a few weeks ago:

the old favorites:

button magnet sets:
tons and tons of earrings:
and fabric coaster sets:
there will also be some crocheted scarves, monogram bag tags, and maybe a few other suprises...

i love being a part of our school [my husband & i both attend classes], and for how supportive and amazing the women i've met there are. this show is so much fun because of the type of women running it, participating in it, and the families shopping at it! because of those reasons, my prices are significantly altered for this show to include as many as possible in the shopping fun... nothing is worse than going to a craft show where you're basically standing in a room full of awesomeness but can only reasonably justify buying one or maybe two things! it's a great way to get some fun christmas shopping done.

and did i mention it's a bake sale too? last year i sat two tables down from the most delicious homemade cupcakes ever. i probably shouldn't say how many i bought during the day. cupcakes, people. while you're shopping.

for now, i'm off to make some chalkboard price tags. if you are local to the raleigh/wake forest area, i hope you'll come say hello on saturday!

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