they're here!

when i ordered my mini moo cards last week i unfortunately didn't take the memorial day holiday into account, but they're finally here!

and i love them

i have to say that i can learn a lot from packaging/presentation from the moo company. it is really simple and clean but still very personal. inside the pretty white bubble mailer was this pretty little white box with a pretty little pink sleeve:
and inside [also pink] were my little cards, printed exactly how i wanted/expected them! [even though all those little eyeballs on the front kind of reminded me of toy story]. i was a little worried that the photo quality might not turn out so great since the photo was originally taken with my camera phone, but moo did a perfect job!
the box even has wee little file tabs to separate your minicards from any other people's that you may collect!
and it's the perfect size to pop in your bag and have on hand any time you need one!
love moo. can't recommend them highly enough!

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