on a picnik.

i have fallen in love with picnik.com and its endless possibilities for creativity. even with a basic, non-premium [aka free & cheap] non-member account, today i took this regular photo:
and made this info card!
...coming soon to a home near you if you have ordered a bib recently!

it is so fun and SO addicting. perfect for baby photo announcements, save the dates, making blog headers, and pretty much anything where you want to edit your photos and add text to them.

i also decided to break down and pick out a business card, so that since i am so terrible at self-promotion i can at least hand someone a card when they ask what i've been making recently. i settled on mini moo cards after seeing their good quality in person at one of my favorite local shops.
aren't they fun? i also love all things tiny, so i am completely crazy about their mini size. now i'm just anxiously awaiting for mine to get here!

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