oh, deer.

we have a new friend living with us.
is it bad that i want to decoupage him? or get him a chic white cardboard friend.

and i hate to tell you buddy, but even though you are [were] male, this is coming your way next december... get ready.


  1. I found your blog through Blair's giveaways and had to comment on this one. We have deer antlers in our living room and this makes me sooo glad its just the antlers lol.I hang my husbands hats and beanies on it.

  2. haha thanks! at least it's a pretty deer, right? i call it bertha when no one's home :)

  3. Courtney Rowe6/6/10, 7:58 AM

    Ron has totally come to accept that his deer (and ducks) all will wear bows at Christmas! The deer even sport bunny ears at Easter! hahaha


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