polka dotted packing tape!

edited to add:
[today i just happened to find myself back at michael's... ahem... and discovered that all of their 'dollar store' stuff, which are called 'fun finds' if you want to be technical, were 30% off! so i got 4 more rolls of this awesome tape for only .70 cents each. hurrah! fun finds indeed. also picked up a couple rolls of a gorgeous green damask print tape that was just calling my name. now i'm in search of a tape-related project to use my super pretty tape!]

i'm pretty much a sucker anytime a regular store starts having a 'dollar section.' what is it that's so magical about something only costing $1 [or even 1 ish dollars]? it gets me every time. this was especially true a few weeks back at michael's when i saw a little bit of polka dotted green goodness peeking out from one of the 'dollar section' shelves full of office supplies:

green. polka dot. packing tape.

what could be better for petite bee? i snapped up 3 rolls right on the spot [i think they were like $2.50, but still!] and may have to get some more, i love it that much. it looked so cute on my orders i shipped out yesterday. and since i always try to re-use any bubble mailer envelopes i can, it helps them stay together in the mail a little better while also adding a little fun!

i love getting real mail, and i especially love it when it's brightly packaged! hopefully one of these dotted little wonders is on its way to you!

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