a few of my favorite things...

today i got a glorious hour-ish block of time in my craft room with my spray paint. i left the door open, worked mostly in the back yard, enjoyed the sun and a little breeze... just enough to dry each layer as i worked.

spray paint makes me so happy.

i guess it's the combination of easy & cheap, the love of a quick makeover, the way your finger cramps up from squeezing the sprayer so long, or maybe it's just all the pretty colors! this is a sure sign of a good day:
isn't that yummy? it kind of makes me think of ice cream and chocolate. makes me want to paint everything i own... maybe it's the grown up version of coloring?

here are all the names of my favorite colors i'm using on several projects right now, in case you were wondering (because i always wonder).
i have to say that krylon has truly won me over with their little built-in sprayer that makes a big cloud of color instead of a little graffiti-like squirt. if i keep it up i may need to invest in a hardcore little grippy thingy to do the spraying for me. also, note to self-i do in fact need a real drop cloth [to use as an actual drop cloth] because i think it would blow around less in the breeze.

and here are my projects in progress, can't you tell my neighbors must love me? i guess every neighborhood needs that crazy girl who is always in the paint-splattered shorts, spraying multiple things at once spread out over a huge plastic drop cloth.
i can't wait to show the befores and afters on these!

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