garden party!

i was looking through the older archives of martha's craft of the day [super fun website the by way!] and though most of these ideas were technically easter-related, when looking through them in rapid succession i kept thinking what a beautiful garden-themed little girl birthday party they would make when put together! check out these images, beautiful as only martha can make them [source links are beneath each picture]:
[paper basket centerpiece]

[flower cupcake stand]

[lollipop flower cupcake]

and then, of course, have you seen kara's birthday party ideas blog? seriously, don't plan another party without it. you will be inundated with inspiration, ideas, and photos of beautiful parties! inundated, i tell you. and these would be perfect with the garden theme:

mason glass drinks in a picket fence box and party favors in tiny buckets! [the little eyeball-looking things are earrings on a card, to give you an idea of how tiny the buckets are!]
[from garden shower featured by kara]

and to keep things from being a little less super-girly and more lovely-nature-y, i'd add pretty much everything from the through the woods party she also featured. especially the moss and tree stump decorations, and the smores bite kabobs!
ok, who i am i kidding- i would love someone to throw this party for me! why should little kids have all the fun [and hard work!] and then not remember it? nothing beats a fun over-the-top birthday theme!

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