night time crafting.

welcome to a typical night of crafting chez me... hubby is out fishing, wee one is sleeping soundly in her bed, and i'm starting with some slightly burned chocolate chip cookies and yes, every single season of gilmore girls at my disposal.
sidenote: why is the fine line between deliciously baked and terribly burnt so miniscule?

and, slightly less edible but arguably just as yummy, a nice little pile of craft supplies!
i've been stalking this little address file book on etsy for a long, long time. not that i have particularly transient friends or anything, but the main problem with a traditional address book is that each time any little detail [or the whole address!] changes for anyone, you have to completely cross it out and deal with page after page of not-so-lovely crossed out pages. thus the genius of a little card file where there's one neat little card per person than can be torn out & replaced each time you need to make a change! hurray!

it's the simple things in life, ya'll.

so i decided to start making my cards... updating addresses as i go... and they needed a little personality. so, perfect time to try out my new speedball stamp carver for the first time! and what could be better for an address card than an old school rotary phone?
add it to a regular 3x5 index card, and now i have awesome little stamped cards ready to be personalized with the addresses of our friends and families! [and that is my all-time favorite pen by the way].
so now, several episodes of gilmore girls later, i have bunches of super cute telephone-ed cards ready for addresses to go in a new address file book!

thanks for crashing my little craft-in this evening! come back anytime... i promise i'll save you some cookies.

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