i could make that.

one of the always-present & often-tragic results [or beginnings?] of my craft endeavors can be summed up in one phrase:

i could make that

it usually begins with a super cute item that i fall in love with. next comes a price tag... as in sticker shock... as in unbelievable denial that an item usually so simple in concept (& sometimes even construction] could have double or triple digit prices. then comes that phrase. & the closely related secondary phrase, i could make that for way cheaper.

then comes lots of money spent on supplies, lots of comparison shopping to get just the right supplies, lots of trial & error, & then [hopefully] my finished project. sometimes similar & sometimes not-so-similar to the item i was trying to loosely replicate [for cheaper]. this typically gets me into some trouble.

this leaves me thinking that sometimes it might just be better to buy the thing to begin with- but the sometimes that the attempt does turn out just how i wanted it to or better, there's no denying the great feeling that comes with the final phrase:

yeah, i made that!

here are some of the things i've seen out and about recently that really make me think, i could make that & that i want to try [including their prices, so you can be the judge of whether it would be more worth it to just whip out the wallet already!]

word bubble wooden chalkboard $30
[photo via smile&wave, similar chalkboard for sale in her shop]

crocheted earmuff/headband hybrid thingy $28
[photo via sundance catalog]

ginormous u.s. states wall map $99
[photo via pottery barn kids]

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