two in one.

two blog posts in one day... can you handle the excitement?!

so i gained some experience today in the fine art of photographing a very active, happy, wiggly, adorable little boy. for every sweet lovely shot ...


there are about 50 that are just too, well... active, happy and wiggly! but evan was kind enough to model a few new products for petite bee (the new line of baby things i have coming soon to a shop near you!) with only a pocket tee as payment.

we only had to bribe him with some goldfish, a red balloon, and letting him screech and scream much louder than his "inside voice." it was actually really fun, and alisa and i got to go grab some lunch at panera too. i thought i'd share some of the hilarious outtakes this little man gave me...






they're all actually pretty hilarious, you can see the whole shoot if you'd like! thanks again for cooperating, little buddy!

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