wouldn't it be nice.

... if we could buy all the handmade wonderfulness on etsy? several people who have etsy shops (or just like the site) feature different sellers on their blogs on certain days, like "etsy finds on friday" which i think is a pretty cool idea. it might not be as regular as weekly for me, but here are some of the shops and product folks are making that i find particularly spectacular and would buy, should money be a little more free-flowing. (all photos are thanks to the gracious owners of these shops!)

and so i give you... cool things on etsy with a theme: coffee!


printed moleskine journal by scenic artisans


handpainted merino yarn by see jayne knit yarns


coasters by purpose design


coffee cuff by aly the red


coffee scented soap by citizen skin


coffee and cream necklace by stephanie gibson


and paper tags by scrapbooking mama.

mmm... do you hear the warm starbucks-like hiss? are you suddenly craving whipped cream? is your paypal account suddenly and inexplicably diminishing? nope? oh ok, must be just me. i guess you could call this window shopping, although i do much prefer the real kind. i've been doing lots of perusing on etsy recently (it's become quite addictive, actually. i've had to ask matt to etsy-embargo me). it's just so fun to be inspired by the handiwork of so many talented artists all in one place. stay tuned for the i wish i could buy all of these lists in the themes of polka dots and stuffed animals!

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