ellebee studio shout out!

just a little thanks to my sis alisa for the shout out she gave ellebee studio when opening the gift i made for my nephew evan!


i even wrapped it in a handmade (well, hand altered) gift wrap... it was a baby blue polka dotted gift bag from the target $1 area from about a year ago with a set of bridal stuff, actually. i just tore off the part that said "something borrowed, something blue," glued on a sideways strip of text, and stamped a huge "e" for evan in brown staz-on ink over top of it all! i am forever realizing at the extremely last minute that i have no appropriate gift wrap, so i usually get creative out of sheer panic. but in this case, i thought it actually turned out really cute.

evan on the other hand, was much more interested in the tissue paper and could not have been any cuter! i'm super excited to head out today for him to "model" some new pretty little things for petite bee (which i still claim is coming later in march... with just a little more work!)

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