it feels like...

i haven't gotten much accomplished lately. maybe that's because my desk looks like this:


ugggh. i get stressed out just looking at it. i, for some reason, really have a hard time sitting down and finishing projects. by the time i'm halfway through one, i get inspired to start another one, leaving carcasses of unfinished projects everywhere. they pile up, one on top of the other, until there are literally layers of unfinished things keeping me awake at night. i'm not ok living like this.

my name is lindsey, and i am a project-aholic (hi, lindsey).

so, my new gameplan (don't you love how all american analogies are sports related? gameplan, hit a home run, etc... in france, they're all food-related, which is much better) is to make a master list of things i want to do and separate it into projects i've already started and projects that just need to be finished. then i'll break that list down into a mini to-do list for each day when i have a day off during the week, to start getting some things done. ok, i think this list is just one more thing i'm planning to do but may or may not ever actually get done.

i think this post alone shows how scattered my head is right now. does anybody else have this problem or am i the sole chronic-project-not-finisher? maybe i should be in the circus next to the two-headed lady. or put in a test tube and studied.

ok, i'm going now. at least one project must get finished this afternoon!

:::edited later in the evening to say i have had a fairly productive day! i got some new products for the shop finished and photographed, i finished a project that should have been sent as my best friend's wedding present months ago, made a set of 4 napkins for myself out of some of my mom's fabric that i especially loved, and caught up on a few emails! i also updated my "people to read" sidebar (down on the lower left) with the blogs that i really check on a regular basis... it looks like a few other folks are feeling a push to finish projects too! maybe it's something about spring cleaning... and not just me!:::

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