and another!

ok, i had so much fun with yesterday's list that i had to do another one right away... i think this might become a regular thing after all, because there are so many cool things being offered on etsy and i am completely addicted to flipping through them!

and so we have cool things list #2 with the theme of: baby toys!


jennifer the cow by sock thing


green striped sock monkey by storey shop


calla the tag flower by one girl


strawberries and cream elephant by maiden love


chocolate momma and baby elephant, also by maiden love (yep, i want them both!)


soft blocks by scissor stitch


and wyatt the bear by simpli jessi.

it's definitely going to be dangerous for the pocketbook to have kids one of these days with adorable little stuffed friends like these out there! i'm envisioning some whole baby room full of lovingly handcrafted toys surrounding a little one. sure, they take some abuse from the kids, but who can resist their cuteness?

matt and i were just talking about the children's book the velveteen rabbit last night and how much it scarred me as a kid because i remember being terrified that if i got too sick all my toys would have to be destroyed (in the book the little boy gets scarlet fever so they have to burn his toys, including his stuffed rabbit. it's pretty intense). i also had this big toys-have-feelings kick for awhile, so i think that made it even more traumatizing. it's funny to wonder what types of things like that our kids will remember!

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