happy birthday, baby!

i think a challenge must have been issued at some point in
our house that was something along the lines of i bet you can’t use the whole can of blue … because it seems that this has become the tradition of homemade birthday cakes around here.

yellow cake, chocolate frosting, covered in gobs of bright blue. i also seem to recall one that was made for me the first year we got married that had “joyeux anniversaire” written on it with the same blue squirt-frosting as an homage to my year in france!


i love that my rough and rugged, weight-lifting, bearded manly-man lumberjack of a husband still lets me bake his birthday cakes in a heart-shaped pan (that you owned before we got married, i must add). i also love that you eat a piece for breakfast like a little kid, just because you can.

who else do I love so much that I would bake, frost, and decorate a birthday cake that I have so much fun with I also stay up until 3:20 am staging a photo shoot for in the downstairs half-bath because that is the only place with semi-normal lighting so that it will be ready in time for you to eat a piece before work?

just for you, baby. just for you. (and yes, i am that crazy).

i love you! happy 27th birthday!

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