new things for spring!

i'm excited to be featuring two new sections in the shop for spring! i'm branching out a bit from jewelry and working a little more on bringing a wide variety of ellebee studio goodness to the home. the two new sections are (drumroll, please):

for writing in

this section includes notecards in lots of sizes and patterns, and is now featuring moleskine cahiers (cahier is french for notebook) that i've stamped with designs i've carved myself! if you don't know the history of the moleskine brand, you should check it out. they've been used for years as sketchbooks by amazing writers and artists like hemmingway and van gogh, though i just like them because they're the perfect size to toss in a bag for all my notes-to-self. it's a lot better than having to dig through a pile of little paper scraps every time your cellphone rings!


for nesting

which features collaged cork coasters and several different styles of quilted and sewn coasters. this is also where the vintage button magnet sets will return and other new magnet sets will emerge! i'm also working up some ideas on sets of handmade cloth napkins, as i'm curious to see if people like them as much as i do (i admit, i'm a bit obsessed. i've made myself a set of four, and also a set of two to match some that i bought from another etsy shop... and i have fabric set aside on my desk to make a christmas set).


i hope you'll be able to stop on by soon! it's such a great feeling to have a nice, full shop. i've been photographing and listing like crazy, and i think i've almost got a good system going. i expect to have more coasters up within the week!

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