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i somehow stumbled across a new [to me at least!] blog last night full of home decorating ideas called room remix and promptly spent at least 2 hours clicking through almost every post she had! it's full of really great inspiration photos, diy ideas, and just general 'decor direction' i guess you could say... so many times i have an idea of what i want our home to look like, but really don't have any clue how to get there. add on top of that the fact that i love to make things for our home but don't necessarily want it to all look handmade, at least not in the 5 year old kindergarten sense- so i love finding treasure troves of ideas like this! my favorites were definitely:

$0 or low cost decorating

'out of the box' ideas

and she also did a decorating with branches and twigs entry that featured several of the same ideas as mine a few weeks ago!

so now my list of 'weird' stuff' i want to do to the house that i can't because we're currently in a rental is growing, but i can feel better about it because now i can call it out of the box decorating which sounds much more creative and like i actually know what i'm talking about [ha!]. things like painting chalkboard paint on the lower half of a wall in a playroom, or hanging an old window horizontally above the kitchen sink and hooking coffee cups onto it. oh, and wallpapering a little bit. and hanging cool light fixtures and branches and shelves.

i also finally have a direction in mind for what to do with our living room, and i'm so excited to get started! watch out, boring living room- i'm coming for you!


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