more fun with lamps!

making/altering my own lamps never really seemed to be on my crafting radar before... but ever since i discovered how easy it is to recover a lampshade, and how much of a difference a switch-up of shades or a little color can make, i'm really inspired to do a little 'lamp revamp' throughout the whole house!

i started with a small brown wooden lamp we had from our bedside tables. i saw a gorgeous crackly-distressed one at potterybarn that was my inspiration:

[side note: you know how sometimes you see something online or in the potterybarn catalog and love it, but then it just doesn't look quite right in person? this lamp is perfect in person. and it's even better the bigger it gets.]
it was very similar in size and shape to our plain little bedside lamp (originally from target, i think):
i started by painting it with some crackle-effect spray paint left over from a mirror project that i never took any pictures of, then i added a touch of cream-colored faux-stone spray paint. it took several alternating layers before it looked crackly and stone-y and distressed like i wanted.
it was a little messy, so i took some sandpaper to rough it up between layers and age it a bit:
i also found a super cheap but cute lamp shade for it at goodwill in perfect condition! here's the finished project in the living room:
there's not quite as much of the original wood showing as i'd like, so i might have another go at it with some grittier sandpaper, or maybe dab it with a bit of my new faux technique glaze and see if that 'ages' it up a bit. overall though, i'm happy with how it turned out, and i'd forgotten how much i LOVE the soft glow of lamplight in our living room at night!

now i'm really wanting to find a way to diy this $150 [and that's just for the base!] bigger version for our living room. i'm thinking maybe if i stacked a bunch of wooden candlesticks, drilled up through the middle for the lamp cord, and then painted and distressed it like the one above it could work. anybody have any other suggestions?

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